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New On Netflix: 12 – 18 June 2023

Kick back and relax this Father’s Day with Chris Hemsworth in action blockbuster Extraction 2 or discover the unexpected in Emmy-winning award sci-fi drama Black Mirror: Season 6.

Aside from that, there’s also sweet romance for the hopeless romantics. For your next K-Love, follow global K-pop idols Lee Jun-ho from 2PM and Im Yoon-ah from SNSD in King the Land as they get caught up in a workplace romance or see how love triumphs across lifetimes in hit webtoon spinoff, See You in My 19th Life.  

See more titles that are launching next week below:

Extraction 2, Premiering on 16 June

Watch the Official Trailer below:

Back from the brink of death, highly skilled commando Tyler Rake takes on another dangerous mission: saving the imprisoned family of a ruthless gangster

Black Mirror: Season 6, Premiering on 15 June

Watch the Official Trailer below:

The Emmy-winning sci-fi drama series returns for a new season. See the list of episode titles HERE, creator Charlie Brooker teases a reinvention of the anthology series HERE

King the Land, Premiering 17 June

Watch the Official Trailer below:

Amid a tense inheritance fight, a charming heir clashes with his hardworking employee who’s known for her irresistible smile — which he cannot stand.

Date of Release 14/6/2023

Food Tales: Season 1 

This docuseries showcases the culinary journeys of local chefs who mix innovation and tradition into the pot of the vibrant food scene in Singapore.


From the Emmy Award-winning team behind Planet Earth and Our Planet comes Our Planet II. At any given moment on planet Earth, billions of animals are on the move. Captured with spectacular and innovative cinematography, Our Planet II unravels the mysteries of how and why animals migrate to reveal some of the most dramatic and compelling stories in the natural world. 

Date of Release 15/6/2023

Aliens in the Attic 

After finding a crew of crafty aliens camping out in the attic of their family vacation rental, the Pearson kids must pull together to save humanity.

ONE PIECE: Sky Island: Skypiea 

After finding a map in a ship that fell from the sky, Luffy and his crew set their sights on Skypiea, an island floating on a massive sea of clouds.

ONE PIECE: Sky Island: The Golden Bell

As Enel proceeds with his sadistic survival game, Luffy and crew continue their search for the ancient city of Shandora on the island of Upper Yard.

Transformers Earthspark: Season 1 

Allied with a family of humans, a new generation of Transformers search for purpose while defending Earth from threatening evil forces.

What Happens in Vegas 

After a night of heavy partying in Vegas, two strangers wake up to realise, much to their displeasure, that they’ve gotten married.

Date of Release 16/6/2023

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King NETFLIX FILM

As a lionhearted boy who can’t wield magic strives for the title of Wizard King, four banished Wizard Kings of yore return to crush the Clover Kingdom. 

Para Betina Pengikut Iblis 

Three women in a small village conceal dark secrets, including unholy alliances and a mysterious ingredient used in a popular curry restaurant.

The Boss Baby: Family Business

Templeton brothers Ted and Tim keep it all in the family and team up with Tim’s daughter, Tina, to thwart a dastardly villain’s plot.

The Forever Purge 

After the annual night of anarchy spirals out of control, two families must stand against the ruthless killers striving to take over the country.

Date of Release 17/6/2023

Outlander: Season 7 Part 1NETFLIX SERIES

War is no longer a threat — it’s a reality. Loyalties and Fraser family bonds are tested as communities take up arms to defend their country. Get caught up on the previous seasons with these 10 essential episodes.

See You in My 19th Life NETFLIX SERIES

Ban Ji-eum can endlessly reincarnate. But when her 18th life gets cut short, she dedicates the next one to finding her now grown-up childhood love. 


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