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Early Access on Astro Best. Rent Now and Watch Instantly

Fans of the popular Wonder Woman movie franchise can now watch “Wonder Woman 1984” (WW84) on Early Access via Astro Best, from 4 February. The movie which premiered in Malaysia last December was restricted to only 8 cinemas then due to the MCO. 

As such, many fans who missed the movie have requested to watch the movie from the safety and comfort of their homes with many cinemas closed now. 

Astro is pleased to make available WW84 on Early Access via Astro Best (Ch481), or to stream via On Demand and Astro GO starting from 4 February. 

Early Access on Astro Best is a new service on Astro Best where selected blockbuster movies enjoy a fast-track to home viewing after the theatrical release at super value prices.

Enjoy this fast-track to home superhero blockbuster with friends and family – the feel-good movie the world needs right now at your convenience anytime anywhere. 

For more information about “Wonder Woman 1984” on Early Access, visit: http://bit.ly/WW84Astro 

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