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Watch Featurette The School Nurse Files

Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, has released a story featurette for The School Nurse Files, an upbeat fantasy series about a school nurse named Ahn Eun-young who, unlike her unremarkable name, has the uncanny ability to see supernatural jellies that are invisible to others. She discovers peculiar mysteries at her new school and tackles these problems with the help of the Classical Chinese teacher Hong In-pyo.

The released featurette shows the creative process behind Ahn Eun-young’s world filled with effervescent charm. Director Lee Kyoung-mi mentions Alice in Wonderland, stating that everything begins with Ahn Eun-young and Hong In-pyo entering the dark, mystery-filled basement just as Alice went down the rabbit hole. Both Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk thought the unpredictable storyline was refreshingly different, describing their experience as “charming” and “imagination-enriching.”

In bringing to life the dangerous, beautiful world of The School Nurse Files, director Lee intricately wove together the exotic realm of otherworldly jellies with traditional Korean elements, creating an interesting setting that has universal appeal. Detailed explanations of the different types of jellies further enhance understanding of the creative thought put into this world. Jellies are the vestiges of human desire, and the school nurse Ahn Eun-young battles contaminated jellies to protect the school. Director Lee said she referred to real animal sounds and researched color theory in making the jellies fantastical yet realistic, to engage the viewers in an exotic world that is grounded in the familiar. Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk worked with the director in creating this special world.

Jung said that she had always dreamed of performing action scenes, and the Eun-young character enabled her to engage in some “weird action that was completely new.” She recalled what it was like wielding her rainbow sword and BB gun while imagining an invisible world around her. Nam Joo-hyuk showed affection for his character in describing him as “an ordinary guy who discovers his special gift that helps him to grow as a person.” The director and the two actors said that they are eagerly waiting for the simultaneous global release date of The School Nurse Files as much as the viewers are.

The screenplay for The School Nurse Files was co-written by Lee Kyoung-mi and Chung Se-rang, the author of the original novel. The unique worldview of The School Nurse Files will be released worldwide on September 25, only on Netflix.


Eun-young might seem like an ordinary school nurse, but behind her mundane appearance is her supernatural ability to see monsters (ectoplasm) as jelly figures. When she’s appointed to a new high school, she quickly discovers mysterious secrets that threaten the students and fights alongside her fellow teacher In-pyo, the handsome heir to the school.

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