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New K-Dramas At ONE HD – Channel 393 (Astro)


With the shift to the new norm ongoing, folks with Monday blues can look forward to a new drama series, My Mother is Having an Affair, premiering soon on June 1, every Monday. Starring veteran actors Hyun Jyu Ni and Lee Jae Hwang, watch this family-oriented drama unravel as the casts discover their life journey.

Tune in to watch both these new K-dramas in June on ONE, channel 393 (Astro).

1. My Mother is Having an Affair《妈妈出轨了》

Premiering 1 June, Mondays, 6.00PM

Physical education teacher Oh Pil Jung works with students day in and day out, but when it comes to her own child, she finds it difficult to manage and fraught with difficulties. In a last-ditch attempt, she gives in and looks to marry a rich man to solve her problems.

2. Park-Jang’s League of Love-Coaching朴张约会所

Starts 16 June, Tuesday, 11.00PM

Best friends and comedians Park Narae and Jang Do Yeon consult with and coach real-life couples on their relationship issues.

3. Legend of the Blue Sea《蓝色大海的传说》

Starts 16 June, Tuesday – Friday, 4.40PM

The last surviving mermaid on earth encounters a genius swindler. Their love story unfolds as she tries to adapt to life on earth.

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