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Viu Thailand announces new collaborations with Channel 3 and Amarin TV

Together with GMMTV and CHANGE2561 bringing more top-notch Thai entertainment for Viu-ers across Asia

Viu, PCCW’s leading pan-regional OTT video streaming service, joins hands with leading Thailand entertainment players, Channel 3 and Amarin TV, to serve up highly-anticipated Thai contents to Viu-ers across Asia including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Adding to Viu’s existing content partnerships with GMMTV and CHANGE2561, Viu continues to collaborate with leading content providers to grow its ecosystem, bringing exceptional Thai contents and talents to the regional spotlight. Asian Viu-ers can enjoy their favorite Thai shows, from melodramas, intense dramas, romantic comedies, variety shows, and many more on Viu.

Thai Viu-ers can enjoy four top dramas from Channel 3, exclusively within two hours after the initial broadcast, including the first exclusive romantic comedy series, PraoMook (May 2021), which was filmed in South Korea, starring Pon-Nawasch Phupantachsee and Bua-Nalinthip Sakulongumpai, and other series to come. Over 600 hours of dramas from Channel 3 will also be available for Viu-ers to watch at their leisure. 

Furthermore, the new collaboration will make Viu the first OTT video streaming platform to offer Amarin TV’s simulcast content. Viu-ers can enjoy popular series such as The Folly of Human Ambition, Cheating Spouse, and more, all with a 30-day exclusive head-start*.

The strong partnership with GMMTV has entertained Viu-ers with a myriad of contents, including upcoming series Irresistible, The Player, The War of Flowers, and many more which will be exclusively available to Viu-ers in selected markets** Viu operates in.

This year marks the second year of Viu’s collaboration with CHANGE2561. The collaboration has enabled Viu-ers*** to exclusively watch highly-rated TV programs from CHANGE2561, such as Club Friday Show and Club Friday The Series, along with a 30-day exclusive head-start before other platforms. The latest addition includes the highly-acclaimed Club Friday The Series: Pain Adulterer Three with 1.572 ratings in Thailand.

Ms. Virginia Lim, Chief Content Officer, Viu, said, “The collaborations with Channel 3, Amarin TV, GMMTV, and CHANGE2561 have shown our persistent effort to drive local contents to the regional platform, expanding their reach to our highly-engaged audiences across Asian markets. We are thankful for the support from our partners in bringing exclusive contents to our audiences.”

Viu-ers can enjoy top-performing series and entertainment on the Viu app which can be downloaded for free on the App Store, Google Play, and selected smart TVs, as well as on the web at  www.viu.com.

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