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[VIU PROGRAM HIGHLIGHT] What’s New On Daebak Thursdays

Daebak Thursday was introduced by Viu, featuring an array of specially curated premium Korean dramas every Thursday at 6pm for Viu’ers to enjoy. Here’s the best part – it’s completely FREE for 24 hours! So, are you ready for your Korean drama filled day this week? A new week? We’ve got some exciting Korean shows for you that will make your Thursdays that much better and make you go WOW – or as the Koreans say, DAEBAK!   

Be spoilt for choice every week with a curated list of up to 12 Korean dramas that will be sure to get you glued to your seats! Check out your favourite oppas and K-dramas across various Viu platforms including the mobile app, mobile browser, desktop, Android TV and selected LG TVs. 

Some of the shows being featured for this week include:  

Extra-Ordinary You

Episodes: 32 Episodes

Starring: Kim Hye-Yoon, Lee Jae-Wook, Ro Woon

Eun Dan Oh, a high school girl who is the only child from a rich family, has congenital heart disease. One day, she wonders why her memory keeps disappearing. She finally realizes that she is a character in the cartoon, and decides to find her real life and love. Meanwhile, a character that doesn’t even have its name, Seuli High School’s Student Number 13, lives like a background of the other characters, but his life slowly changes after meeting Dan Oh. They begin their mysterious adventure to find out the secret of the romance cartoon world, and they try to get their independent lives back.

Into The Ring

Episodes: 32 Episodes

Cast: Nana, Park Sung-hoon, Ahn Nae-soo, Yoo Da-in, Han Joon-woo

Having received education in the same neighborhood throughout her entire school years, Goo Se Ra, who has lived all 29 years of her life in Mawon-gu, is nothing but an under qualified struggler with a poor financial background. On one hand, this over-passionate, self-proclaimed Tax Guardian never lets a single wrongdoing slip through her until it is filed and settled as a civil complaint. However, because of her nosy nature and her tendency to lose temper over unrighteousness, she gets fired from an internship, from a contract position, and even from an outsourced job, to name a few from the list of her former employers. Although not intended, she finds herself gradually turning into a professional resignee and decides that it’s time for a change. This time, her passion steers toward the District Assembly, so called the employees’ utopia. In fact, now that she has entered the ring, her only option is to run for the office, to get elected, and to stay elected.

Fix You

Episodes: 32 Episodes

Cast: Shin Ha Kyun, Jung So Min, Tae In Ho, Park Ye Jin, Jung Hae Kyun, Choi Jung Woo, Jang Yoo Sang, Joo Min Kyung

How do you deal with anger? Where does happiness actually come from? These questions are at the heart of Fix You, a touching drama about a quirky psychiatrist on a mission to help people heal, and a rising star whose emotional wounds run deep. Lee Si Joon is an eccentric but passionate psychiatrist working in a hospital. He cares deeply for his patients, whom he tries to help through valiant, yet often unorthodox efforts. Han Woo Joo is an up and coming musical actress. Honest and principled, her efforts on the stage seem to be paying off, but she struggles with anger issues and recurring mental breakdowns that threaten to derail her career. With compassion as his tool, can Lee Si Joon help mend her soul and let the healing begin?


Episodes: 16 Episodes

Starring: Park Bo Gum, Song Hye Ky

Cha Soo Hyun (Song Hye Kyo) is the daughter of a powerful, political family. She recently divorced her wealthy husband from an arranged marriage. Tired of living life guided by others, she decides to travel overseas. She meets Kim Jin Hyuk (Park Bo Gum), a free-spirited young soul on the way. Despite their differences, they are undeniably drawn to each other.

Will the two find true love amongst their differences?

365: Repeat the Year

Episodes: 25 Episodes

Starring:  Lee Joon-Hyuk, Nam Ji-Hyun, Kim Ji-Soo, Yang Dong-Geun

Hyeong Ju is a violent crime detective who lives a content and fulfilling life, but is one day given the mysterious opportunity to go back in time. Ga Hyeon is a popular webcomic author known for her mystery thriller stories. A workaholic and perfectionist, Ga Hyeon unfortunately suffers from a terrible accident, but then receives the very same offer to go back in time. The two of them, in addition to 8 other individuals reset their lives for the better, but quickly begin to uncover a series of mysterious events that threaten their future.

*Synopsis taken from Rakuten Viki

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