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Trailer Depp v. Heard Pratonton Siri Dokumentari Netflix

Netflix telah mendedahkan trailer Depp v. Heard, siri dokumentari 3 episod yang akan ditayangkan pada 16 Ogos ini. 

Anda boleh tonton trailer tersebut dibawah:

Diskripsi Depp v. Heard dari Netflix:

“Depp v. Heard is a three-part series examining the infamous defamation case that captured the world’s attention and became the world’s first trial by TikTok. Showing both testimonies side-by-side for the first time, this series explores this global media event, questioning the nature of truth and the role it plays in our modern society.”

“Depp v. Heard, the new limited series, covers the trial with the goal of presenting a neutral overview of what happens when the court of public opinion starts to overshadow reality. For the first time, the three-part series presents Depp and Heard’s testimony side-by-side, using 200 hours of live-streamed trial coverage from the mainstream news and citizen commentators on TikTok and Twitter. Ultimately, Depp v. Heard interrogates the role social media played in the trial, raising provocative, uncomfortable questions about how the conversations happening outside the courtroom may have influenced the outcome.”

Siri dokumentari ini diarahkan oleh Emma Coooper dan diterbitkan oleh Bitachon 365 dan Empress Films.

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