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“The Uncanny Counter” Featuring Uncoventional Heroes With A Supernatural Twist Is Now Streaming On Netflix

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, The Uncanny Counter is an action-packed series centering on characters called “Counters.” Counters work at a noodle restaurant as a cover for their real job of fighting evil spirits. These evil spirits come down to Earth seeking eternal life, and the Counters use their special abilities to catch them.

Director You Sun-dong explained that despite the fantasy element, it will be a relatable action show because “there are many things in societies everywhere like violence within schools, families, and the workplace, that are similar to evil spirits.” The Uncanny Counter is an action drama that will feature the finding and punishment of these evil spirits.

There’s a lot of talent to look forward to with rising actor Cho Byeong-kyu taking on the role of the main character So Mun. The actor candidly shared, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel any pressure. I’m relying on the production crew and the actors, so I can be free from the pressure. I think all four Counters are main characters.” Having made an impression with his previous roles in SKY Castle, Hot Stove League, and more, Cho Byeong-kyu is definitely an actor to look out for.

The author of the original webtoon actually had Cho Byeong-kyu in mind for the role of So Mun. The love is mutual as the actor revealed he’s a big fan of the webtoon and he’ll work hard to not disappoint. The rest of the main cast are also scene stealers to look out for. Yu Jun-sang, in particular, worked out diligently to achieve chiseled muscles. Singer-actress Kim Se-jeong shared that the cast attended a stunt academy and her growing interest in action. Yeom Hye-ran, who is known for portraying diverse characters in many series including When the Camellia Blooms and Chocolate, takes on her first fantasy lead role through The Uncanny Counter. 

Be sure to check out these unique heroes in The Uncanny Counter, available only on Netflix!

  • Genre: Action / Fantasy / Adventure
  • Creators: You Sun-dong (Director) / Yeoh Gee-na (Writer)
  • Cast: Cho Byeong-kyu, Yu Jun-sang, Kim Se-jeong, Yeom Hye-ran, Ahn Seok-hwan, Moon Sook, Choi Yoon-young, Lee Hong-nae
  • Streaming: New episodes on Saturdays and Sundays


Four seemingly ordinary individuals who work at a noodle restaurant are actually demon fighters who hunt down evil spirits from the afterlife. Each of them are equipped with different supernatural powers that aid them in their quest to block evil spirits from finding eternal life.

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