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[NETFLIX] Trailer Released for Lee Je-hoon and Tang Jun-sang’s New Drama Move to Heaven

Netflix has released the first official trailer for the heartwarming story of Move to Heaven. The released trailer shows Geu-ru, a young man with Asperger’s syndrome, and Sang-gu who becomes his guardian overnight, finding themselves 

living together and building an unexpected relationship. 

When Geu-ru’s father, Jung-woo suddenly passes away, Sang-gu lives with Geu-ru for three months to help with the work of the trauma cleaners, “Move to Heaven”. Sang-gu, who is at odds with Geu-ru due to their opposite personalities, gradually finds Geu-ru’s sincerity permeating as they work together on Move to Heaven. Geu-ru and Sang-gu deliver the last stories left behind from people who have passed away, offering their final words of farewell much comfort and empathy.

Move to Heaven is an inspiring story based on the nonfiction essay Things Left Behind written by Kim Sae-byul, a first-generation trauma cleaner in the nation. Director Kim Sung-ho of How to Steal a Dog and writer Yoon Ji-ryun of Angel Eyes team up to present diverse stories left behind by the deceased, told from the honest and unbiased perspective of Geu-ru who has Asperger’s syndrome.

Move to Heaven, the inspiring story that will warm viewers’ hearts this spring, will be released on 14 May, only on Netflix.

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