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Netflix Announces Exclusive Jay Chou Reality Series J-Style Trip

KUALA LUMPUR, March 10, 2020 — Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, announces today the global exclusive release of J-Style Trip in collaboration with Asia’s Mandarin pop music sensation, Jay Chou, on March 21. 

The J-Style Trip series is completely unscripted, and strung together by some of Jay’s most beloved and timeless hits, giving viewers an unprecedented opportunity to get a rare glimpse into Jay’s personal life and candid moments with friends and fans around the world — a show filled with genuine comradery, humor and of course, magic.

In the show, Jay travels to eight destinations across three continents including The Gold Coast , Innsbruck, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Shenzhen, Taipei, and Vienna. On top of the stunning views of the cities and Jay’s music, J-Style Trip also features an all-star list of special guests who join Jay as co-hosts in each episode. 

The 12-episode magic travelogue will premiere on March 21 with one weekly new episode going live on Saturdays, exclusively on Netflix. 

About J-Style Trip:

  • Release Schedule: Weekly on Saturday, Starting from March 21, 2020
  • Fixture cast: Jay Chou, Funky Tu, Norman Chen, and Will Tsai 
  • J-Style Guests: Jam Hsiao, JJ Lin, Blackie Chen, Nicholas Tse,  Yohji Yamamoto, Cyril Takayama, Ryota Katayose, Darren Chou from the Drifters, Chien-chang Sung from Nan Quan Mama (more guests to be announced prior to release)
  • Destinations: The Gold Coast , Innsbruck, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Shenzhen, Taipei, and Vienna
  • Production Company: Star Plus (Group) Ltd.

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