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Love Alarm Season 2 Character Posters Released

Here comes a love that will make you want to cry! “I told him for the first time that I like him”

Netflix has unveiled five posters of memorable quotes from the characters of Love Alarm season 2, which picks up four years after the creation of the Love Alarm app that rings when you are within a 10 meter radius of someone you like or are the object of someone’s liking. 

The five characters show their feelings on their posters using their own lines from the show.

Jo-jo, who is unable to communicate her mind because she has a placed block on her “Love Alarm,” reveals her innermost thoughts, saying, “I told him for the first that I like him,” which raises questions about who she is confessing this to.

Hye-young, despite having an unresponsive alarm, says, “Whether that thing rings or not, it doesn’t matter to me,” expressing his deeper feelings toward Jojo. Sun-oh, saying “From now on, I’ll trust only what your eyes tell me” to distance himself, still shows Jo-jo affection, foreshadowing a more intense love triangle.

Gul-mi, who is trying to enter the “Love Alarm” club, says “Who, me? Why? What about me, exactly?” and seems to be unable to hide her embarrassment. Yuk-jo, who is dating Sun-oh but knows Sun-oh still has lingering feelings for Jo-jo, says “I know that feeling of a burning heat. How can I beat that?” and relates to everyone who has ever experienced unrequited love. 

The shape of the ring, which shows slightly different variations depending on the character, seeks to catch the eye. The attention will be focused on the expanded story of Season 2, which will show a darker triangle romance and a more diverse form of life and love in a world that has changed so much since the launch of the “Love Alarm.”

Love Alarm Season 2, which shows the inner feelings of five people, will be released March 12th exclusively on Netflix in over 190 countries around the world.


Netflix Introduction

Netflix is a global entertainment streaming service with 240 million paid memberships in over 190 countries. Members can enjoy content from a variety of genres, including TV series, documentaries, and feature films, all in multiple languages. If you are connected to the Internet, you can enjoy unlimited content anytime, anywhere, and watch content freely without advertising or contracts

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