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Jerung Nazi Boleh Terbang Dalam Trailer ‘Sky Sharks’ 


Selepas jerung ‘mengila’ dalam filem Sharknado dan Sharktopus, kali ini jerung terus menghiburkan penonton dengan menyertai pasukan tentera zombi Nazi dan berkemampuan untuk terbang dengan kelajuan jet pejuang.

Itulah yang ditunjukkan dalam trailer Sky Sharks yang menunjukkan jerung mekanikal terbang di langit dan dikawal oleh zombi Nazi.

Sky Sharks diarahkan Marc Fehse dan dibintangi legenda filem seram, Tony Todd bersama-sama Lyn Lowry, Mick Garris dan Barbara Nedeljakova.

Filem ini akan ditayangkan di Festival Filem FrightFest di London, untuk tayangan di Malaysia? mungkin tiada…


After years of hype, Sky Sharks, which centers on mechanical sharks piloted by, ahem, Nazi zombies, is headed for the forthcoming FrightFest in London where it will have its UK premiere. With the news comes a brand new trailer that takes the horror from the deep sea to the skies.

“In the Arctic, a team of geologists discovers a Nazi warship that was thought to be lost: the Himmelsfaust, a gigantic steel colossus from the Third Reich, brimming with unimaginable destruction machines. On that ship scientists researched top-secret, war-critical weapons and created the Reichsflughaie: rocket-powered monsters whose pilots are genetically mutated, supernaturally endowed supersoldiers with supernatural powers.”

“Dr. Klaus Richter, the spiritual forefather of this experiment, is forced to stop his deadly army of the undead in order to save humanity and the planet Earth from the seemingly certain doom. His daughters Angelique and Diabla face the threat that their father set up 75 years ago.”

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