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Jazzy Pictures Collaborated with Pictureworks for Its First Step into Variety Programme – PHOEBE’S RUSH HOUR

After producing a number of awards-winning and renowned movies, Jazzy Pictures will join forces with Pictureworks to produce its first local variety programme – PHOEBE’S RUSH HOUR. Joanne Goh, the founder and managing director of Jazzy Pictures will be the executive producer and producer of the programme. ‘This will definitely also be a new breakthrough for Jazzy Pictures, I truly hope to continue to expand the business and production range of the company. Besides, PHOEBE’S RUSH HOUR would be the first project for Pictureworks to join the industry.

PHOEBE’S RUSH HOUR is actually a cooking-themed reality show. Each episode of the show will be furnished with different themes, mini games and punishments to unveil the resilience of the guests. This program would also be able to reveal the real side of the guests, which would open up to audience guests’ living habits and cooking skill.

The program is hosted by Phoebe Yap, a professional host and former veteran radio DJ, whom has hosted different kinds of shows, events, celebrations, etc. Therefore, we are very fortunate to be able to invite Phoebe to lead the guests to pass through the challenges which they have met in the program, only to present the best delicacies and the best show to our audience.

PHOEBE’S RUSH HOUR has a total of ten episodes. We will invite popular local artistes to be the guests of the show: Joey Leong, Koe Yeet, Nicholas Ong, Vivienne Oon, Fabian Loo, Joyce Harn, Debbie Goh, Tong Bingyu, Uriah See, Kendra Sow, Cedric Loo, Joanne Lim, Lim Mei Fen, Emily Lim, Ernest Chong, Rickman Chia, Lee Xuan and Jeanne Tan. Not only that, each episode will have different themes and cooking ingredients waiting for them to “challenge”. There will be endless funny scenes and surprises dedicated to you, stay tuned!

PHOEBE’S RUSH HOUR is presented by Presto, directed by Kent Chu, executive produced by Joanne Goh and Cheong Chia Chou. Presto, the one-stop online shopping platform, the most trusted online shopping platform for consumers.

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