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iQiyi’s New Original Chinese-Language Series Rainless Love in a Godless Land Premieres On October 17th

iQiyi today announced their latest original series, Rainless Love in a Godless Land, an apocalyptic fantasy romance. Produced by Three Phoenixes, the creative team behind Someday or One Day, the series is based on the myths of Taiwan’s indigenous Amis community.

Cast members include Chiao Chiao Tseng (Marry Me, or Not?), Paul Fu (The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty), and Kenny Yen (Someday or One Day), with special appearances by Joseph Cheng (It Started With A Kiss) and Alice Ko (Someday or One Day, Marry Me, or Not?). The series’ global premiere is slated for October 17th, on iQiyi, across 191 countries and regions worldwide.

Rainless Love in a Godless Land is the first collaborative effort between iQiyi and Three Phoenixes on a Chinese-language series. Based on Amis beliefs, the series chronicles the world’s final days before the apocalypse. After witnessing the continuous environmental destruction brought on by mankind, the kawas* (spirits) decide to stop blessing the land and leave the world after the last rainfall. At the doomsday countdown begins, ‘Orad (The God of Rain, played by Paul Fu) falls in love with a human ( Chiao Chiao Tseng). 

A teaser poster released today hints at what’s in store for the series. In it, cast members Paul Fu, Joseph Cheng, Alice Ko, and Kenny Yen are seen as their characters ‘Orad, Fali (The God of Wind), Toem (The Goddess of Clouds), and Li Pu Hui (the God of Wisdom) respectively, alongside Chiao Chiao Tseng, who plays the only human character in the group. They all stand in a row and gaze into the far-off distance, representing the uncertainty felt by both the kawas and humans in facing the apocalypse.

iQiyi also released a sizzle reel for the series today, which shows the unique characteristics of the kawas.  The God of Rain (Paul Fu) is kind and warm; he is seen looking out for the human Xie Tian Di (Chiao Chiao Tseng) over the course of years, always appearing amid a downpour.

Their relationship is filled with both love and heartache. Meanwhile, Joseph Cheng and Alice Ko make special appearances as the God of Wind and Goddess of Clouds respectively, displaying the unique chemistry between their very different characters. The God of Wind is a mysterious figure who has the responsibility of maintaining social order, while the Goddess of Clouds is mischievous in nature.  

Rainless Love in a Godless Land will premiere on the iQiyi International app and iQ.com on October 17th across 191 countries and regions worldwide.

* “Kawas” refers to an Amis supernatural entity. 

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