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iQiyi Spices Up Its K-Drama Offerings With Two New Shows Filled With Mystery And Suspense

 iQiyi is switching up the romances of its K-drama selection with High Class and Bad and Crazy, two new exciting Korean shows that revolve around mystery and suspense.

Having premiered on September 6th, High Class is a thriller set among women in the top 0.1% of the society, whose seemingly perfect lives are actually filled with lies and hypocrisy. Cho Yeo-jeong plays Song Yeo-ul, a lawyer who loses everything overnight when she is named as a suspect in her husband’s murder case. In her search for the real killer, she also has to fight against societal judgement—especially from the parents and teachers at the elite school her daughter is enrolled in.

At a recent press event with High Class cast members, Cho Yeo-jeong revealed that her new short and tidy haircut helped her get into the role of an upper-class single mother. “When I was troubled about how to present the character, stylists suggested a haircut, and the image of Song Yeo-ul immediately popped into my mind. I have been thinking about getting haircuts for a role, so I really enjoy the new look,” she said.

Cho’s co-star Kim Ji-soo spoke about being the “villain” of High Class, as her character Nam Ji-seon constantly confronts Cho Yeo-jeong. “She seems to own everything, but is hollow and empty inside,” said Kim. Another star of the series is 25-year-old Park Se-jin, who plays a young mother and gallery representative. “It was exciting initially to receive the script, but I was anxious about how to express motherly love on camera,” said Park, adding that she sought her own mother’s help to better understand her character. 

Fans of more action-packed mysteries meanwhile, will be excited to know about iQiyi’s upcoming original K-series Bad and Crazy, which will be exclusively available on iQiyi this December. The series features two very different characters regaining their sense of humanity after meeting each other – the capable but corrupt Suyeol and the single-minded justice-seeker “K”. 

Created by the team behind The Uncanny Counter, the Bad and Crazy features Lee Dong Wook (Tale of the Nine Tailed and Goblin: The Lonely and Great God), Wi Ha Joon (18 Again,Something in the Rain and Midnight), Han Ji Eun (Lovestruck in the City and Be Melodramatic), and Cha Hak Yeon (Mine and Children of Nobody). The series is the third collaboration between iQiyi and Studio Dragon following My Roommate Is a Gumiho and Shooting Stars, which is currently being filmed. 

Suyeol (Lee Dong Wook) is a corrupt police supervisor who is content to just chase after promotions. One day however, he becomes inspired to eradicate the corruption within the police force, and be a champion of social justice. Meanwhile, K (Wi Ha Joon) is a maniac who dreams of being a hero; he will do anything to address injustice, even if it means using violence. Meanwhile, Han Ji Eun plays Suyeol’s ex-girlfriend, who is also a police officer investigating drug cartels. 

With its star-studded cast and gripping plotline, Bad and Crazy promises to portray unique new heroes, and offer audiences the exhilarating thrills of seeking justice.

High Class is currently streaming on iQiyi, with new episodes every Tuesday and Wednesday, while Bad and Crazy is scheduled to premiere this December. Malaysians can now enjoy premium access to these thrilling K-dramas, as well as over 4,500 other iQiyi shows and films, with several limited-time giveaways and deals! Until September 12, iQiyi is offering Malaysian users a free one-week VIP subscription to enjoy an exclusive and high-quality viewing experience. The platform is also running a limited-time 50% discount for its quarterly and annual plans from now until September 12, with quarterly plans priced at only RM12.90, and yearly plans priced at RM44.90.

To get your fill of more exciting K-dramas, as well as redeeming your free week of VIP access, log on to the iQiyi International app, or iQ.com!

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