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Here’s Why Lee & Elle Are Still Our Favourite Relationship From The Kissing Booth Movies

Rule number 50 – romantic relationships can be fun and super amazing, but when push comes to shove, you know it’s your best friend that you can always count on – and not even the butterflies in our stomachs can convince us otherwise. 

Elle Evans may have her pick between Harvard going Noah, and Marco, the new kid on the block, but neither one of those guys have got anything on her relationship with Lee Flynn. Here’s why this best-friendship is still our favourite relationship so far:

  • They Have Each Other’s Backs 

No matter what goes down with anyone else, Lee and Elle are always there for each other. Even when Lee messes up with Rachel, Elle still forgives him and does her best to patch things up with Rachel because she knows how important Rachel is to Lee.

  • They Keep It Real

You always need that friend that’s gonna be real with you and tell you when you are wrong and that’s precisely what Elle and Lee do. Whether it’s telling you that the person you’re interested in is wrong for you, or that you should never change your plans for someone else, Lee and Elle always keep it real and that’s why we love them.

  •  They Give As Good As They Get

Whether it’s Lee teasing Elle about her short skirt in the first movie, or Elle telling Lee that he’s only been letting her down her whole life, these two know that a good friendship is built on laughs, zero judgements and not taking things too seriously.

  • They Fight, But They Always Make Up

Like any other friendship, Elle and Lee have their own fair share of fights but they’re always willing to put their pride aside and forgive each other. And when all else fails, they know they can always reunite over their shared passion of Dance Dance Mania! Grab your bestie for movie night, and catch Elle and Lee in  The Kissing Booth 2, now streaming on Netflix. 

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