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“Hell Bank Presents: Running Ghost” Hong Kong Comedy Ghost Movie by Mark Lee

Released by mm2 Malaysia, the Hong Kong comedy movie, “Hell Bank Presents: Running Ghost” directed by Mark Lee will be in the cinema on April 1st, 2021 in Malaysia!

The Comedy King of Singapore, Mark Lee has moved overseas and directed the movie, “Hell Bank Presents: Running Ghost”. The movie was set in a modern designed “hell”. The story is about a useless young man, Wang Xiao Gui (Wong You Nan) who had no clue about his death, joined the “Running Ghost” variety show in hell by coincidence.

The ghost participants would could stand a chance to win and return to the human world by passing three trials! During the trials, he met Ling Qi (Cecilia So), a psychic girl who was looking for his dead father, and made an alliance with her to win the hellish contest. Besides, he got to know the CEO of The Hell TV station, Niu Da Shuai (Jerry Lam) and the melancholy teenage ghost, Cong Zai (Zeno). What fun chemistry would they bring together? Will Xiao Gui enter the finals and get to return to human world?

“Hell Bank Presents: Running Ghost” is the latest movie directed by our beloved Singaporean comedian cum director, Mark Lee. Mark has participated in various comedy genre movie production and recently the movie, “Number 1” got him nominated as the Best Actor of Golden Horse Awards. On the other hand, he applied his authentic sense of humour while retaining the Hong Kong retro vibe in the movie, making the whole movie more interesting.

Difference from the traditional concept of hell, the movie, “Hell Bank Presents: Running Ghost” provides a new perspective of hell with hi-tech such as advanced labour department, Hellpay (like e-wallet on Earth), and so forth. Besides, Wong You Nan and Zeno has paid tribute to the famous twin characters of the horror movie, “The Shining” by representing the classic scenes. Lots of fun! Worth anticipating!

The movie, “Hell Bank Presents: Running Ghost” had already been released in Hong Kong in October last year. Quirky and trendy movie setting had won the movie numerous good movie critiques. The movie does not only have the marvellous jokes, but there are also some hidden twists and turns that would surely touch the bottom of your heart. “Hell Bank Presents: Running Ghost” will be released in Malaysia on April 1st, 2021! For more movie details, please stay tuned on the official facebook page of mm2 Malaysia:  https://www.facebook.com/mm2malaysia 

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