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Get To Know The Enxhanting Jelly Creatures Form The School Nurse Files

The School Nurse Files is captivating viewers with its unique and wonderfully colorful story. The magical world of the series centers on jellies, remnants of desire, which are invisible to most people. Our protagonist Ahn Eun-young (Jung Yu-mi), the school nurse, is able to see the hidden jelly world and fights contaminated jelly. Get to know some of the different jellies here!

Octopus Jelly

Quite possibly one of the most adorable jellies in The School Nurse Files, the octopus jelly is harmless and squishy. Even Ahn Eun-young finds them cute and pleasant to see. They can typically be found bouncing around classrooms. However, good jelly can be misused for nefarious purposes as seen by Mackenzie (Yoo Teo) sucking up these innocent jellies to sell.

Jellyfish Jelly

Unlike octopus jelly, jellyfish jelly is quite dangerous. Jellyfish jelly are beautifully multicolored and float in the basement. Similar to real jellyfish, the tentacles can cause much harm. Ahn Eun-young guards them off with her special toy sword. On the other hand, Hong In-pyo (Nam Joo-hyuk) is unaffected thanks to his protective aura.

Standing Jelly

Standing jellies look pretty cute since they’re small and have short legs. However, they pack a painful bite with their teeth. You can also find standing jelly in the school basement. Ahn Eun-young found them to be a nuisance when her ankle got bit during her first venture into the basement.


Mites are a bit different from the other jellies in that Ahn Eun-young can’t get rid of them. While invisible to most people, they bring bad luck and the students experience terrible rashes. Only a special mite-eater, Baek Hye-min (Song Hee-jun), can get rid of them by eating them. The mite-eater has special stomach acid that digests the mites. 

Toad Monster

The toad monster jelly is unleashed when Hong In-pyo removes the Apji stone in the basement. One of the largest jellies, the toad monster is used to feeding on corpses back when the school was a pond. With great strength and power, the toad monster is able to wreak earthquake-like havoc.

Check out all of these jellies and more in The School Nurse Files, available only on Netflix!

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