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First love stories are a popular theme in many dramas for a reason. Filled with a special kind of innocence and nostalgia, and brimming with excitement and sweetness, first loves definitely leave a lasting impression. If you’re in the mood for some sweet romance, check out some of our favourite heart-fluttering first love stories here.


Start-Up features a bit of a tricky first love situation. Seo Dal-mi (Bae Suzy) considers her childhood penpal her first love. Unbeknownst to her, Han Ji-pyeong (Kim Seon-ho) was the actual writer behind the letters while using Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk)’s name. However, Nam Do-san pretends to be her penpal in order to not disappoint her. What was supposed to be a one-time ruse ends up continuing and developing into a genuine first love.

My First First Love

My First First Love shows how a first love can develop after knowing someone for practically your whole life. Yun Tae-o (Ji Soo) and Han Song-i (Jung Chae-yeon) have been friends since elementary school, with Tae-o having a secret crush on Song-i when they were in high school. However, they pursue relationships with different people as university students. While dating others, Tae-o and Song-i realize they have conflicting feelings and experience a true first love.

When My Love Blooms

When My Love Blooms proves that it can be very difficult to forget your first love, even after many years. Han Jae-hyun (portrayed by Park Jin-young and Yoo Ji-tae) and Yoon Ji-soo (portrayed by Jeon So-nee and Lee Bo-young) fell in love as university students. Twenty years later, they’re living very different lives when they cross paths. Even though much time has passed, they can’t deny their still strong feelings for one another. Reunited, they stand up against obstacles together.

Moment of Eighteen

Oftentimes, people experience first love during their adolescence as they navigate the transition into adulthood. This is the case in Moment of Eighteen where Choe Jun-u (Ong Seong-wu) is a reclusive transfer student who doesn’t intend to make friends, let alone experience love. Jun-u ends up becoming closer to a few students including top student Yu Su-bin (Kim Hyang-gi). As they develop their friendship and open up about their deepest secrets to one another, they fall in love for the first time.

Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You features a very unique first love story. Eun Dan-o (Kim Hye-yoon) discovers she’s a character in a comic book and decides to fight back against the destiny written out for her. She meets a nameless student (Rowoon) and they develop a romance behind the scenes. It turns out that their attraction to one another extends from a previous comic book they were in. Despite the writer creating different fates for them, they continue to pursue their love for each other

Love in the Moonlight

Love in the Moonlight is another coming-of-age story, but set in historical times. Hong Ra-on (Kim You-jung) disguises herself as a man in order to make a living. She meets the crown prince Lee Yeong (Park Bo-gum) when he is disguised as a nobleman and ends up becoming a eunuch. Later, the crown prince develops feelings for Ra-on believing that she is a man. Their love progresses as the crown prince finds out about Ra-on’s true identity and they discover that past events intertwine their lives.

Reply 1988

Reply 1988 tells the story of five friends and their families who live in the same neighborhood. There are many different first love stories for various characters, but the main one is a love triangle involving Sung Deok-sun (Lee Hye-ri), Choi Taek (Park Bo-gum), and Kim Jung-hwan (Ryu Jun-yeol). Experiencing love for the first time, things don’t always go smoothly for our characters. These romantic mishaps make the heartbreak all the more engaging. There’s also double the nostalgia since the show is set in retro 1988.

Still 17

Still 17 shows that it’s never too late to experience first love. Wu Seo-ri (Shin Hye-sun) and Gong Wu-jin (Yang Se-jong) have a fateful encounter on a bus when they are 17 years old. Unfortunately, Seo-ri is still on the bus when it gets into a multi-vehicle car wreck. After being in a coma for 13 years, she wakes up as a 30-year-old. Meanwhile, Wu-jin lives traumatized due to guilt about the accident. They meet unexpectedly again and fall in love for the first time without knowing about their past connection. 

Radio Romance

Radio Romance features a first love story between top star Ji Soo-ho (Yoon Du-jun) and radio program writer Song Geu-rim (Kim So-hyun). While Soo-ho is very popular, he’s actually very withdrawn and lonely. Geu-rim is very passionate about radio, but struggles to get ahead until she succeeds in getting Soo-ho to host a new radio show. While working together, the pair fall in love and Soo-ho opens up about his past trauma and guilt. As he reveals the truth about past events, a heartbreaking childhood connection between the leads is revealed.

Which first love stories are your favorite? Watch these heart-fluttering romances and more on Netflix!

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