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Donnie Yen Will Be In Malaysia To Promote IP-Man 4: Finale

Produced by Mandarin Films, Director Wilson Yip, Action Director Yuen Wo Ping, Producer Raymond Wong and action super star Donnie Yen once again come together for the iconic martial arts movie, Ip Man 4: The Finale, scheduled to be released this Christmas 20th December. The Ip Man movie series has be entertaining movie audiences for a decade since its first movie and will end with Ip Man 4: The Finale!

This episode tells the story of Ip Man. Ever since his wife’s death, his relationship with his son has become increasingly alienated. For his son’s future, he went to the United States to inspect the environment for his son’s study abroad, but found the environment to be full of racial discriminations. The local Chinese were unfairly treated, and Ip Man with his strong material arts integrity awakened once again bear the responsibility of martial to fight for equal rights.

For the final movie, an assembly of new casts are gather such as national sports athlete action actor Wu Yue, British action actor Scott Adkins, the former US Marine Corps Chris Collins, the Taiwanese actor Vanness Wu, the mainland new actor Vanda Margraf and Danny Chan Kwok-kwan, who continues to play the role Bruce Lee with Yuen Wo Ping as action director, Ip Man will be in fight sequences with Wu Yue, Scott Adkins and Chris Collins.

Donnie Yen’s last official movie promotion visit to Malaysia was 4 years ago for Ip Man 3 back in 2015. Ip Man 3 went to become the fastest Chinese Movie to grossed RM20million in 10 days and also set the record in Malaysia as the no. 1 highest grossing Chinese movie of all time in Malaysia with box office collection over RM30million. Donnie Yen and “Ip Man” have both become household names among the multi-racial audiences in Malaysia.

Now in 2019, in conjunction with the release of Ip Man 4: The Finale, Donnie Yen will once again be making an appearance in Malaysia with producer Raymond Wong and scriptwriter Edmond Wong whom have been working together on the Ip Man movie series for a decade. They will be in Malaysia to promote the final movie, Ip Man 4: The Finale on 11th and 12 th December. Stay tune for more updates on the details for the promotional tour in Malaysia for a chance to meet them in person at several public meet and greets.

Distributed by Lotus Five Star with marketing partner RAM Entertainment, Ip Man 4: The Finale will hit Malaysia cinemas this Christmas, 20 th December 2019.

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