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Critically-acclaimed Taiwanese drama Tears On Fire to stream on Netflix Malaysia on 26 June

If there’s one thing that the past year has taught us, it would most definitely be a renewed appreciation for our frontliners. However, like many on the receiving end of their noble service, we do not often see the challenges and complications they face. 

That could be the reason why Taiwanese drama series Tears on Fire struck a chord with its audiences. Having premiered in its home country to critical acclaim and widespread praise for its realistic portrayal of the challenges firefighters face in their profession, Tears On Fire is set to debut 26 June on Netflix Malaysia. 

The series follows a team of four firefighters as they go on day-to-day rescue missions, putting their lives on the line while facing the challenges of their intense profession. Qiu (James Wen) finds himself at a crossroads when he is confronted with the reality of balancing work and family life, while Zhang (Austin Lin) is secretly dealing with PTSD stemming from a childhood incident after a failed rescue mission. 

As the only female firefighter in the team, Xu (Annie Chen) encounters gender issues in the workplace, while constantly having to rebuff pressure from her family to quit and settle down with a husband instead. Rounding up the team is Lin (Liu Kuan-ting), a stubborn hothead who’s unerringly loyal and relentless in his pursuit to defend his comrades, despite his leader’s commands. 

Tears On Fire launches 26 June at 12 midnight SGT on Netflix Malaysia. 

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