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Comic-Con: Deskripsi Rakaman Black Widow, Taskmaster Sah Menjadi Villain.

Scarlett Johansson Black Widow

Marvel Studios mengesahkan, Black Widow akan menjadi filem pertama Fasa 4 Marvel Cinematic Universe, dan sehubungan dengan itu, mereka turut menayangkan ‘footage’ dari filem Black Widow kepada pengunjung.

Berikut adalah deskripsi dari rakaman filem Black Widow di SDCC semalam.

  • A montage of Widow in all the other Marvel movies with the following voice-over. “I used to have nothing. Then I got this job. This family. I was better because of it. I’ve made mistakes. I can’t go back.”
  • A massive establishing shot and BAM, the word “Budapest” on the screen.
  • Widow is walking into an old apartment building with her gun drawn. She turns a corner, gun still drawn, still very cautious, and there’s Yelena Belova played by Florence Pugh with her gun drawn. They tell each other to put the guns down. Neither does. There’s a tense beat and, at the exact same time, using the exact same move, each woman takes the gun of the other out of their hand. Now they each have each other’s guns. Then another time they do the same thing. And then the fight begins.
  • It feels like a fight from a Jason Bourne movie or Captain America: The Winter Soldier. At one point Yelena grabs a huge kitchen knife and comes at Widow. The fight continues. It ends with both of them, on the floor, each choking the other with what looks like a curtain. I think they both pass out. Cut to Widow pouring out some drinks. “Good to see you too, sis,” she says.
  • From there the trailer cuts into a montage. Widow is running on a beautiful mountain range. There are other agents like her pointing guns off the roof of a building. A motorcycle chase a la Mission Impossible.
  • Finally, Widow is in a car that gets smashed into on a bridge in the night. She’s hurt, the car is burning but she looks out and something is coming for her. She shoots but this shape pulls out a shield to stop the bullets. A fight begins and, again, they have a similar fight style. After a few moves, they both kneel and look up at each other in the same position, as if they are mirrored.
  • This character had a mask on and a shield with a symbol that looked almost like two bowls attached at the bottom. Yes, it very much looked like The Taskmaster.

Semalam di dewan H, San Diego Comic-Con, presiden Marvel Studios telah menetapkan tarikh tayangan filem Black Widow iaitu pada 1 Mei 2020. Cate Shortland bertindak selaku pengarah, dan dibintangi Scarlett Johansson sebagai Natasha Romanoff, Florence Pugh sebagau Yelena Belova, David Harbour sebagai Alexei Shostakov serta Rachel Weisz.

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