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Now you can get your fill of inspirational talent, characters, and stories on HBO GO  this Malaysia Day. Don’t miss moving tales of laughter, love and resilience, starting with Malaysian actors taking centre stage to amuse and inspire.

Malaysian talent continue to impress audiences around the world and this September is the perfect time to catch them in action on HBO GO.

  • Yeo Yann Yann stars in the very first episode of the HBO Asia Original series Invisible Stories, as a single mum caring for an adult son with autism. The anthology of short tales delves into the struggles of daily life using deft storytelling and a touch of compassion to convey stories of adversity and triumph.


  • Ho Yuhang directs Food Lore: Stray Dogs, an episode from the HBO Asia Original series Food Lore that features Wilson Tin and Fabian Loo. It tells the story of a young man seeking investors for his multi-level marketing business at a local eatery, until the owner, Maki, throws him out. However, his persistent effort wins over Maki and they form an unlikely friendship that goes far beyond business.


  • Bront Palarae and Nabila Huda star in the Folklore: Toyol episode, where Malaysia’s ‘bogeyman’ rears its creepy head in the HBO Asia Original series Folklore. Modern times are no match for this creature, and a married politician is unprepared for the dark secret behind the attractive yet mysterious woman he meets.

  • Bront also appears in Halfworlds Season 1, an HBO Asia Original thriller set in present-day Jakarta as Detective Gusti who is embroiled in a battle between humans and demons, and in both seasons of The Bridge as Malaysian Officer Megat Jamil who joins forces with a Singaporean investigator to solve the gruesome murders linked to the two countries.


  • In another time and place, well-known comedian Joanne Kam Poh Poh employs her signature no-holds-barred style in a whole new way, playing a money-minded brothel owner who experiences a change of heart in the the HBO Asia Original series Grisse. Loud, aggressive and tough as nails yet also kind and loyal, she puts her considerable resources and influence to good use, joining forces with freedom fighters to oppose a brutal governor.


  • Lee Sin-Je undergoes emotional conflict in the HBO Asia Original movie The Garden of Evening Mists as she falls in love with a Japanese gardener during the Japanese Occupation. Based on a novel by Malaysian author Tan Twan Eng and filmed in Cameron Highlands, the tranquil setting is a dramatic contrast to the internal, conflicting emotions amid the backdrop of war.


  • For more light-hearted viewing, catch Malaysian-born actor Christopher Lee in the the HBO Asia Original series Workers, where a trio of friends embark on a series of impractical get-rich-quick schemes which rapidly fall apart.


  • Don’t miss Henry Golding and Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh in Crazy Rich Asians, which was partly filmed in Malaysia at locations such as Carcosa Seri Negara in Kuala Lumpur, Cheong Fatt Sze Mansion in Penang and the Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi.

Also, in September, catch these great human endeavours that will light up the screen and our hearts on HBO GO this Malaysia Day:

Little Gems with BIG Personalities

Blinded by the Light delves into the challenges faced by a teenager from an immigrant family as he struggles with issues of racism and culture and finally learns to live his life and finds his own voice through the music of American rock n’ roll star Bruce Springsteen.

Music also takes centre stage in Yesterday, when a struggling musician discovers that he is the only person who remembers the iconic British pop band The Beatles. Inadvertently, his ability to sing and play their music propels him to stardom even as he wrestles with his conscience, knowing that the music he’s playing and the adulation he receives is not deserved. Find out how he makes a fundamental moral decision about his music as he decides what he truly needs in life.

Movies Based on True, Inspiring Stories

There’s nothing more moving than witnessing triumph over adversity. Captain Phillips tells the harrowing experience of a hijacked American cargo ship, while Rocketman offers a compelling look into the life of 80s pop icon Elton John.

Real People, Real Life

What’s My Name: Muhammad Ali chronicles the extraordinary life of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali in a two-part documentary. His challenges, confrontations and comebacks are retold through recordings in his own voice and original footage.

HBO’s AXIOS returns with a second season, delving into topics that are reshaping the world, from business and technology to media, politics and science. Featuring interviews with high-profile individuals from various industries, it’s a captivating fusion of news and documentaries, delivered in a fast-paced and insightful format.

For more flexibility and hundreds of titles on-demand, download the HBO GO app at App Store or Play Store and get a 7-day free trial or access HBO GO via Astro. HBO GO is also now available on Android TV, Apple TV, LG TV and Samsung Smart TV – and comes with AirPlay and Google Cast functionality.

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