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Betul, Betul, Betul! Upin & Ipin Are Bringing More Mischief and Magic to Netflix With Season 15

Malaysia’s favourite TV twins are back! 

Fresh off their multi-dimensional antics and heroic adventures, brand new episodes of Upin & Ipin are coming to Netflix when Season 15 premieres on 30 April. From belting out their favourite tunes in their kampung’s karaoke contest to facing a fierce enchanted dragon, the precocious twins are in for more music, mischief, and life lessons this season. 

To celebrate a decade and a half of Upin and Ipin, here are 15 fun facts you probably don’t know about the animated siblings’ 15-year run:

– Upin and Ipin were originally created as supporting characters for local production company Les’ Copaque’s debut feature film Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula

– Ever wondered why the twins are bald? That’s because their lack of hair — which takes a long time to render — makes them easy to model and animate in a short amount of time.

– The boys do have full names — in Season 13’s ‘Times Tables’ episode, Upin’s full name is revealed to be Aruffin bin Abdul Salam, while Ipin’s is Ariffin bin Abdul Salam.

– Haji Burhanuddin Radzi and Hajjah Ainon Ariff, the husband-and-wife co-founders of Les’ Copaque, also have starring roles in the series — Burhanuddin voices Tok Dalang, the village chief of the kampung Upin and Ipin live in, while Ainon lends her voice to Opah, the twins’ grandmother. 

– Though the first two seasons focused on Ramadan, producers decided to expand the series’ appeal in later seasons with stories about the boys’ everyday lives, their relationships with their family and friends, as well as to promote moral values such as respecting your elders, the virtue of honesty, and being kind and helpful towards one another.

– Upin dreams of becoming an astronaut one day, while Ipin wants to be an engineer so he can build rockets for Upin. Talk about #siblinggoals!  

– Upin’s favourite food is rendang, while Ipin loves fried chicken, especially Opah’s fried chicken. Sorry KFC, but OFC wins hands down. 🍗

– Upin and Ipin are so popular in Indonesia, they inspired a pair of ogoh-ogoh statues that were featured in a procession for Nyepi, the Balinese festival of silence. 

– In 2011, the series was given an award for Most Successful Animation by the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR). 

– Upin and Ipin entered the MBR once again in 2020 when it became the first Malaysian YouTube page to reach 10 million subscribers and receive YouTube’s Diamond Play Button.

– In one of the most ambitious crossover events in history, the adorable twins teamed up with Ultraman Ribut, an Ultraman character that was specifically created for the series. 

– Upin and Ipin’s impact extends beyond the screen, as the boys were appointed as UNICEF’s national ambassadors for children in 2013.

– Not everyone can say they have an ‘in’ with France’s most famous gentleman thief, but the twins do — a punny Upin & Ipin-inspired joke caught Lupin star Omar Sy’s attention, and even taught him a few Malay slang words! #iykyk

– Les’ Copaque went all out for the production of the twins’ second feature film, Upin & Ipin: The Lone Gibbon Kris. The score, for one, was arranged by Japanese orchestrator Sachiko Miyano, who had worked on scores for renowned video games like Gran Turismo 6, the Final Fantasy VII remake, and Kingdom Hearts 3.

– Last but not least, it was submitted to and made the longlist of nominees for Best Animated Film at the 2020 Academy Awards.

Catch up on the adorable twins’ adventures with the Upin & Ipin Collection on Netflix, and mark your calendars for the premiere of Season 15 on 30 March! 


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