Apa Pengkritik Kata Tentang Filem Alien: Covenant Arahan Ridley Scott


Filem Alien: Covenant bakal ditayangkan di Malaysia pada 10 Mei ini dan tayangan rasmi di UK dan US adalah pada 12 dan 19 Mei ini. Ramai peminat sebenarnya tidak sabar untuk menonton sambungan dari filem Prometheus selepas menunggu selama 5 tahun. Adakah filem ini berbaloi atau tidak setelah lama peminat Alien menantikan sambungan filem pertama untuk siri prekuel franchise Alien.

Mari kita baca review-review pendek dari pengkritik filem yang telah menonton tayangan perdana Alien: Covenant bertempat di London 4 May yang lalu:

"was gushing in his praise for Covenant, describing it as a beautifully made film that was gripping throughout. McCarthy believed that Covenant had renewed the franchise and described the film as "the most satisfying entry in the six-films-and-counting franchise" since Scott's seminal Alien, and James Cameron's Aliens.  - THR - Todd McCarthy

"Scott's decision to leave behind the existential questions and philosophy that turned people off Prometheus and return the space horror that made the director's name. "Alien: Covenant is very much a sequel to the 2012 movie, but one that knows the crowd showed up to hear the hits," said Sullivan, adding "[much] like The Force Awakens did with the first Star Wars, Covenant succeeds by recreating what it feels like to watch Alien." Entertainment Weekly - Kevin P. Sullivan

"Covenant a thumbs-up, describing the film as a well-made greatest hits compilation of previous films but feeling that the overall effect was "too familiar." Collider's Haleigh Foutch liked the movie overall, but still felt Covenant "was a messy film that is at turns, exquisite and infuriating." She added: "It won’t be your favorite Alien movie, but it’ll probably make you want to watch it again." The Guardian - Peter Bradshaw

Apa kata mereka pengkritik yang memberikan respond negatif?

"Covenant as a pretty but "dull retread" of the 1979 original. "Instead of looking to the franchise’s future, it is hopelessly stuck in its past, reworking old tensions with a few new jumps and blood splatters that quizzically stay bloodless," , Den of Geek - David Crow

Setakat ini, filem ini telah mendapat rating 8.5/10 di laman IMDb dan 77% di laman web Rottentomatoes berdasarkan dari 43 reviewer profesional. Kami di Kakimuvee pun sebenarnya tidak sabar untuk menonton filem terbaru Ridley Scott ini. Harap-harap tahap ke"terkejut"an filem ini tinggi dan mendebarkan.

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