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So many different and beautiful looks!

Since her debut in 2017, followed by her head-turning role in The World of the Married and her latest series Nevertheless, Han So-hee’s beauty has always been the talk of the town. The gorgeous actress has portrayed diverse characters with a variety of fashion styles throughout her career, ranging from posh looks to vibrant traditional hanboks and comfy sweaters. Let’s take a closer look at some of the outfits she has pulled off through her K-drama characters below!

Reunited Worlds

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Lee Seo-won from Reunited Worlds is Han So-hee’s debut character and possibly the trendiest on this list. As a journalist for a fashion magazine, she’s always on top of all the trends and is always wearing the new season’s latest items before they’re even introduced through the magazine. Lee Seo-won is also the daughter of the director of a hospital, so she has deep pockets to afford these high-end pieces. She’s always trying different trends and often wearing pretty dangly earrings.

100 Days My Prince

Image Courtesy of Netflix

In 100 Days My Prince, Han So-hee portrays crown princess Kim So-hye who is regarded as a woman of matchless beauty. Kim So-hye’s father is vice-premier and the most powerful man in the nation. She’s also married to the crown prince Lee Yul. Given her status, Kim So-hye is always dressed in the most luxurious and intricately designed hanboks. She also often dons ornate and elegant hair ornaments. This series is Han So-hee’s first and only historical drama so far, but hopefully not her last since she looks so stunning in traditional hanboks too.


Image Courtesy of Netflix

Han So-hee’s character in Abyss, Jang Hui-jin, receives a lot of love from her boyfriend turned fiancee Cha Min. She has an innocent appearance and often wears white. Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are a favourite of hers. However, when she faces dangerous circumstances later on in the series, Jang Hui-jin wears more comfortable clothes such as jeans and cardigans. While Jang Hui-jin’s style does not stand out as much as Han So-hee’s other characters’, it’s definitely relatable and still appealing. 

The World of the Married

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Han So-hee’s character from The World of the Married, Yeo Da-gyeong, is the only child of wealthy parents who are used to getting their daughter anything her heart desires. Da-gyeong is used to wearing luxe brands and expensive bags. She tends to prefer classic looks over trendier styles and doesn’t wear a lot of bright and colorful clothes. White, black, and muted colours are representative of most of her wardrobe. Da-gyeong tops it all off by wearing dainty gold jewelry.


Image Courtesy of Netflix

In Han So-hee’s latest series, she portrays university student Yu Na-bi in Nevertheless. As befitting a typical student, much of her clothes are casual and comfortable. Cardigans and hoodies are common choices. Since she’s an art student, she also often wears an apron or a coverall to protect her clothes from materials like paint and clay. From denim to sneakers, Na-bi’s clothes will stir up school day memories.

Which fashion style do you like best amongst Han So-hee’s characters? See more of them on Netflix!

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