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So funny and endearing!

The best ensembles are the ones that make us really connect with each character and laugh loads. Let’s take some time to highlight the quirkiest ensemble casts who truly elevated their series and brought the funniest dynamics. Definitely not expendable, these characters bring depth to their series while making us smile and putting us in a good mood. Check out our list below and let us know your favorites.


Image Courtesy of Netflix

Vincenzo’s funny ensemble can be found in the people of Geumga Plaza. From a smoking hot lawyer to a bunch of unconventional and zany store owners, there are a lot of wacky encounters to enjoy. The tenants have banded together in their fight against Babel Group, having incorporated dance into protests and releasing wasps to wreak havoc in the courtroom. While our Italian mafioso is reluctant to plant roots in Korea, he’s steadily becoming a part of the Geumga family. Since the series recently began, there will be plenty more laughs to look forward to.

Crash Landing on You

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Crash Landing on You is a rom-com loaded with fun characters, especially from North Korea. Among the characters, the group of North Korean soldiers really take the cake in providing laughs and amusement. Loyal and hilarious, they each have distinct qualities: being an avid K-drama fan, being very handsome, being a huge critic of capitalism, and being the young baby of the group. The wiretapper later becomes an honorary member of the squad. While you might expect soldiers to be more serious, you’ll be won over by the funny soldiers.

Prison Playbook

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Prison Playbook is a slice-of-life series about inmates and prison guards at a prison. Although there are some serious moments given the setting, you’ll definitely laugh a lot. Each of the characters shine and their stories are quite touching. Some of the inmates form a family-like community with a lot of support for one another, but also a lot of amusing bickering. Characters like a looney drug addict, a kind-hearted gangster, and a crafty engineer will win your heart with their quirky antics and cute bromance. 

Good Manager

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Good Manager follows an accountant who starts working at a large company in order to embezzle funds. However, he ends up fighting for the employees’ rights. His team that helps him come up with crazy plans are full of intriguing characters who become like a family. The bromance that develops between the archrivals is especially adorable and funny. From feeding each other to surprise kisses, theirs is arguably the best romance. The ensemble also heaps on funny parodies and inside jokes for a comical experience.

The Fiery Priest

Image Courtesy of Netflix

The Fiery Priest is about a hot-tempered priest who searches for the truth behind the death of a fellow clergyman. The ensemble is brimming with absurd and hilarious characters, from the good guys to the bad guys. Many characters have very different past lives such as a nun who used to be an ace gambler, a priest who used to be an actor, and a delivery man who hides his ability to fight. With parodies galore, the excellent chemistry between the characters supports the winning combination of action and comedy. 

Hospital Playlist

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Hospital Playlist portrays the lives of five friends who work as doctors at the same hospital. The friends are all unique yet relatable as well as the other characters inside and outside of the hospital. Heartwarming relationships are the focus, and there’s an overall light-hearted atmosphere despite serious medical situations due to many comical scenes. Some quirks include getting a Darth Vader helmet glued to one’s head, joining a cilantro lovers’ club, and being able to inhale food in record time. You’ll find yourself falling in love with the cast.

Welcome to Waikiki

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Welcome to Waikiki centers on three men and three women who live and work in a guesthouse. While chasing after their dreams, each of them encounters humorous and embarrassing situations. From strip dancing in front of a police station to getting an arm stuck in a car window, the friends find themselves in hilarious circumstances every episode. You’ll find their funny woes relatable and comforting. All the laughs will definitely help relieve some stress.

Which of these quirky ensembles do you love the most? Check them all out on Netflix!

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