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Such loveable supporting characters!

A good K-drama is anchored by strong and interesting characters. While most of the focus usually goes to the main leads, excellent supporting characters are like a chef’s kiss in that they give the drama that extra perfect touch. There’s a wide range of supporting characters, but the most enjoyable ones are the ones that make us smile and laugh. Let’s take some time to spotlight some of the most adorable K-drama scene-stealers who stole our hearts. Check them out below.

Vincenzo — An Gi-seok

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Vincenzo tells the tale of a mafia consigliere working with an eccentric group of people to give an evil conglomerate a taste of its own medicine. Vincenzo Cassano’s greatest fanboy is arguably An Gi-seok (Lim Cheol-su). Even though Gi-seok’s the team leader of the Italian organized crime division in the International Security Intelligence Service, he’s endearingly not the most covert agent. While he entered Geumga Plaza with the intention of spying on Vincenzo, he’s now wholeheartedly on the lawyer’s side. From the amusing way An Gi-seok flashes his ID to his pure adoration for Vincenzo, he’s such a cute and entertaining character.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim — Bong Se-ra

Image Courtesy of Netflix

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is a rom-com about a vainglorious executive who struggles to accept his personal assistant’s decision to quit. Bong Se-ra (Hwang Bo-ra) also works for the vice-chairman and exudes a bubbly personality. Easily the most vivacious of her team, her extra-ness provides fun comic relief. From her red lipstick to her unabashed desire for romance, Bong Se-ra’s outlandish antics grow on you. While she is confident and considers herself to be very beautiful, she does have her insecurities. Furthermore, her cute love line with Secretary Yang has us rooting for another office couple.

Hwarang — Han-seong

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Hwarang shows a group of elite young warriors find love and friendship in the Silla Kingdom. All of the warriors are handsome and very appealing, but Han-seong (Kim Tae-hyung) is definitely the most adorable. As the youngest warrior, he’s the most innocent and bright. Having a warm and friendly personality, Han-seong gets along well with everyone. He’s like a cute little puppy adored by the people around him. Full of curiosity, he looks up to his older brother warriors. He also has some heartbreaking family related burdens that belies his cheerful nature.

Moment of Eighteen — O Han-kyeol

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Moment of Eighteen shows high school students experiencing youth and first love during their turbulent teenage years. Their teacher, O Han-kyeol (Kang Ki-young), is warm-hearted and adorably dorky. He can be awkward and embarrassing, but he’s so earnest and wants the best for his students. Definitely the kind of teacher we need more of in this world. He truly cares for each of his students and makes a difference in their lives by being fair and loving. The students deal with a variety of ordeals, but Han-kyeol doesn’t give up and sticks up for them. He’s a fun teacher who jokes around and makes his students feel comfortable.

Healer — Ms. Jo

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Healer is an action romance drama that unites a journalist and a mysterious “courier” as a long-buried incident becomes uncovered. Ms. Jo (Kim Mee-kyung) is the courier’s partner and she’s not your typical ajumma. She’s a skilled hacker who can hack into any system with ease. Also an expert in knitting and making kimbap, she has a cheeky habit of interrupting the courier when he’s eating. On top of being a master hacker, she’s very witty and great at teasing her partner. While she says money is her priority, it’s obvious that she cares very much for her partner.

Oh My Ghost — Shin Soon-ae

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Oh My Ghost centers on timid assistant chef Na Bong-sun who becomes possessed by a ghost. The ghost is Shin Soon-ae (Kim Seul-gi) and she’s a lustful virgin. Unable to remember her past life, Soon-ae believes that she’ll be able to move on in the afterlife after seducing a man. Soon-ae is boldly lascivious, sassy, and confident to boot. Thanks to Soon-ae’s resolve, Bong-sun is able to break out of her shell and surprise everyone around her. While Soon-ae has a hilariously one-track mind, she is a warm-hearted ghost and helps Bong-sun have the courage to pursue what she really wants.

Prison Playbook — Yoo Han-yang

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Prison Playbook follows the story of a star pitcher who ends up in prison. His fellow prison mates are all unique and funny characters, but Han-yang (Lee Kyoo-hyung) is arguably the scene-stealer of the bunch. Also called Looney, Han-yang is serving time for being a repeat drug offender. He’s the son of wealthy business owners, and haughtily makes many demands despite being in prison. He’s amusingly unaware and often says things that earn him a beating from his cellmates. His loony characteristics shine amidst all of the different inmates.

Check out all of these scene-stealers on Netflix! Also, watch the preview for Episode 17 of Vincenzo here, and don’t miss out on new episodes every Saturday and Sunday, only on Netflix!

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