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5 Signs You’re A Passionate Money Heist Fan

Yes, the telltale signs are more obvious than you think and no, you’re not alone.

Just like how the Professor thinks that his plans are flawless, we might think that we’re pulling off the perfect poker face by hiding our excitement for Part 5 Vol. 1 of Money Heist, launching 3 September, exclusively on Netflix.

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Being influenced by a show is easier than it seems once we’re hooked on them. For our fellow Money Heist super fans, we’ve compiled a list that shows how much you secretly want to be a part of La Banda. 

1. Apa khabar becomes hola and you say muy waaaaay too many times

You pepper daily conversations with Spanish words because you’ve watched the show so many times you’ve picked up on stray words here and there. Sorry? No. We say lo siento, and that’s how we do it, muchas gracias

2. You know the lyrics to Bella Ciao from start to end (sort of)

You can hear the GIF. It starts as an innocent earworm, then the subconscious humming invades your everyday life and the next thing you know, you’re on Google searching for the lyrics and committing them to memory. 

3. Bella Ciao made it to your 2020 Spotify Wrapped…

… and 2019, 2018, and 2017 because the song is always on loop in your playlist. Maybe it’s because you needed something to sing your lungs out to after a long day at work or perhaps you wanted to impress a date with your amazing grasp of Spanish, Bella Ciao is the go-to track. 

4. You think of the characters before the cities

Denver is a laughter and Helsinki, a teddy bear figure. It’s not easy to remember geographical locations but ever since watching the series, the city names just roll off our tongue. Effortlessly. Plus point: you can even point out the city on a map. #somuchwin

5. Your go-to outfit for any occasion is a jumpsuit

The must-have fashion statement in all of our closets. Not only are they fuss-free and easy to wear (just a zipper away), they’re also muy estiloso and flattering on every body type. Bonus if it comes in red!

Checked all the boxes of a die-hard Money Heist fan? You’re exactly the person we need as we recruit Malaysia’s biggest Money Heist superfans! Find out more about our search on http://www.moneyheist.my/ or check out Netflix Malaysia’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Money Heist Part 5 Volume 1 will premiere on 3 September exclusively on Netflix ¡Buena suerte!

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