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Definitely worth a re-watch just for Kim Seon-ho!

Kim Seon-ho’s Start-Up character Han Ji-pyeong gave viewers such intense second lead syndrome that it has been dubbed “Kim Seon-ho Syndrome.” Thankfully, there’s more of Kim Seon-ho to enjoy through this exclusive interview where we get to learn more about the actor. Also, check out some reasons why we already miss Han Ji-pyeong below!

He’s basically a knight in shining armor

Han Ji-pyeong feels indebted to Dal-mi’s grandmother and seeks to repay her kindness. He finds an opportunity to repay her when she wants to help Dal-mi find her first love and penpal. Ji-pyeong starts out fulfilling this request, but finds himself constantly coming to the rescue and helping Dal-mi and Do-san. He’s always there to protect her however he can.

He can be adorably petty and jealous

Not being accustomed to liking someone, Ji-pyeong doesn’t realize his feelings for Dal-mi and initially denies them. However, his affection for her becomes apparent as he realizes he’s jealous of Do-san. He’s just too cute when he notices Dal-mi give Do-san a larger piece of fish. 

He gives good advice and tells it like it is

Ji-pyeong is very candid and doesn’t mince words. While others might be reluctant to give criticism, the savvy investor understands that blunt honesty is necessary for fledgling start-ups. While it was hard for Do-san to hear critiques coming from Ji-pyeong, Do-san realized Ji-pyeong was right and he only said those words to help them. 

He owns up to his mistakes

Although he never says harsh words with malicious intent, sometimes people do get hurt by them. When Yong-san accuses Ji-pyeong of killing his brother with his words, Ji-pyeong feels guilty and even becomes physically ill. Also, when he made a comment to intentionally make Do-san feel jealous, Ji-pyeong immediately called Dal-mi to tell her the truth. A truly decent guy, Ji-pyeong apologizes for his actions and doesn’t seek to hurt people.

He’s a good boy

Dal-mi’s grandmother clearly has a good eye! Underneath his cool exterior, Ji-pyeong is a good boy then and now. Even though he outwardly complains, he always does as grandma asks. While he was initially reluctant to be Dal-mi’s pen pal, he started to enjoy the exchange and was comforted through her letters. Even though he has a luxury apartment and fancy belongings, all he really wants is a family.

Check out the fun interview and fall further in love with Kim Seon-ho and Han Ji-pyeong!


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