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Korean drama series Mine, which recently premiered on Netflix on 8 May, is enrapturing audiences with its intriguing stories about an upper class family. Centering on two sister-in-laws within a conglomerate family, their lives are upended as new complications unfold and secrets are revealed. Juicy and dramatic stories are sure to tantalise and entertain. Check out some reasons why you’ll want to watch the new series here.

1. Powerhouse Actresses

Seo Hi-soo (Lee Bo-young) and Jung Seo-hyun (Kim Seo-hyung) are married to the two sons of a chaebol family. Both actresses are known for their powerful acting, and it’s no small feat to have them both star in the same drama. Lee Bo-young recently moved viewers with her romance in When My Love Blooms and Kim Seo-hyung impressed many with her acting in SKY Castle

2. High-Class Society Setting

Image, Courtesy of Netflix

The Han Family lives in opulence and only wine and dine the finest of everything. They have sprawling estates and even a pet peacock! Seeing a glimpse of the upper crust’s glamorous lives is alluring since most of us don’t have access to this world. There’s something about a high-class society setting that adds even more drama to a story. You might be reminded of some real-world chaebol families as we view the various antics exhibited by the uber wealthy family members.

3. Gripping Murder Mystery

Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? All of our characters have secrets, but the biggest one might be related to the murder. From the beginning, the identity of the victim is a mystery as well as the identity of the culprit. You’ll be able to enjoy playing detective while watching all of the stories unravel. With such great wealth and influence also comes great risks and much to lose. There are those who seek to change the balance of everything and those who seek to protect what is theirs.

4. So Many Scene-Stealers

Image, Courtesy of Netflix

In addition to the leading ladies, there are many who will capture our attention. Kang Ja kyeong (Ok Ja-yeon) is the new private tutor to Seo Hi-soo’s stepson and she’s got secrets. Meanwhile, Kim Yu-yeon (Jeong E-suh) is a new maid who becomes scandalously(?) acquainted with Han Soo-hyuk (Cha Hak-yeon), the eldest grandchild of the family. Then we have Seo Hi-soo’s husband Han Ji-yong (Lee Hyun-wook) who faces temptation. Beyond these four, the entire Han Family and their help are also great scene-stealers.

5. Compelling Message

Image, Courtesy of Netflix

The title of the drama is inspired by strong women seeking to reclaim what is theirs despite society’s prejudices. Given their places in society, each character faces various expectations and restrictions. Seo Hi-soo, Jung Seo-hyun, Kang Ja-kyeong, and Kim Yu-yeon all try to discover their true identities in their own ways. While they have their individual motivations, there are relatable aspects to each character. You will get immersed into Mine as you see the mysteries sort out and be reminded of figuring out what’s “mine” for you.

Don’t miss out on the glittering world of Mine with new episodes premiering every Saturday and Sunday at 10PM MYT, only on Netflix!

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