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Fantasy K-drama The Uncanny Counter is blowing up, and for good reason! Featuring a group of demon hunters clad in red tracksuits pursuing justice and protecting innocent people, you don’t want to miss out on this series. Find out more about why this show is trending below.

Interesting Story

Based on a popular webtoon, the unique story is captivating audiences. Most demon hunters are portrayed as priests or nuns, but here they are ordinary humans who work at a noodle restaurant. Ga Mo-tak (Yu Jun-sang), Do Ha-na (Kim Se-jeong), and Chu Mae-ok (Yeom Hye-ran) were all in a comatose state before becoming demon-hunting Counters. So Mun (Cho Byeong-kyu) was not in a coma when he was selected, but his disability was healed after becoming one.

Each of the Counters have a partner spirit who gives them supernatural abilities. The rich backstory behind the magical world of The Uncanny Counter contributes to the perfect amount of fantasy, action, mystery, and drama.

Solid Cast

A good show can be offset by weak actors. However, The Uncanny Counter doesn’t have that issue with the main cast being well-cast and talented. Yu Jun-sang and Yeom Hye-ran are veteran actors who have been in many successful works and received many awards throughout their careers.

Younger actors Cho Byeong-kyu and Kim Se-jeong especially stand out and hold their own while acting alongside their senior actors. Other actors portraying the villains and demons are also quite impressive. The solid acting definitely enhances the show and enraptures effectively.

Unconventional Heroes

There’s something extremely appealing about finding superheroes in everyday people. The Counters do have supernatural powers, but they were basically selected to become Counters because they are simply good humans.

Ga Mo-tak, Do Ha-na, and Chu Mae-ok work at a popular noodle shop with high school student So Mun becoming a part-time server later. Transforming into Counters also gifted them with curly locks, and they wear red tracksuits when pursuing demons. It’s quite a funny contrast to the thieves from Money Heist. 

Heartwarming Relationships

Heartwarming relationships are quite plentiful in The Uncanny Counter. One of the first ones viewers come across is the friendship between So Mun and his best friends Kim Ung-min (Kim Eun-soo) and Lim Ju-yeon (Lee Ji-won). The trio is super tight-knit and oh-so-loyal. Adorable So Mun quickly establishes camaraderie with his fellow Counters and they all genuinely care for each other.

Likewise, the Counters have special bonds with their partner spirits. There are many other relationships you’ll also find yourself getting invested in, from So Mun’s sweet love for his grandparents to Mo-tak being unable to remember his former girlfriend Kim Jeong-yeong (Choi Yoon-young). 

Fun Action

One might expect a show centering around demon hunters to feature a lot of action scenes, and this is definitely the case in The Uncanny Counter. The actors’ efforts and stunt training is obvious when you see the well-choreographed action scenes. There’s a lot of hand-to-hand combat and the action scenes feel different each time thanks to some great planning and directing. Seeing the Counters flex their supernatural powers and deftly fight their opponents is totally satisfying and provides thrills.

What do you love most about The Uncanny Counter? Watch new episodes every Saturday and Sunday at 11.00PM , only on Netflix!

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