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5 Feel-Good Korean Shows That Will Make You Laugh

Sometimes the hottest shows can feel a bit emotionally heavy, especially when you’re already stressed or dealing with a lot on your plate. Luckily, there are a lot of feel-good shows you can watch that’ll help bring you some cheer. Check out these shows that are guaranteed to make you smile and laugh!


Image Courtesy of Netflix

Korean star Lee Seung-gi and Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu team up for a fun new variety show. Twogether features the pair traveling to various cities in Asia and working on missions in order to meet their fans. There’s a lot to enjoy – beautiful sights, difficult challenges, adorable bromance, and heartwarming fan meetings. You’ll find yourself laughing and smiling at the endearing duo throughout their travels.

Welcome to Waikiki

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Sitcoms are a bit scarce in the K-drama scene, but Welcome to Waikiki brings lots of youthful comedy. Three guys and three girls live in and run a guesthouse while navigating life and pursuing their dreams. There’s a lot of hilarious and wacky situations, but also relatable problems. While very funny, the show also addresses relevant topics and received so much love that it was extended. You can also check out the second season, Welcome to Waikiki 2, which offers the same trademark comedy with some new cast members.

The Sound of Your Heart

Image Courtesy of Netflix

The Sound of Your Heart is a webtoon-based comedy following the lives of a webtoonist, his eccentric family, and his girlfriend. Lee Kwang-soo is absolutely hilarious and the whole cast really shines. It’s definitely a family comedy show that’ll have you laughing at their weird antics. If you’re sick of typical dramas, you should check this sitcom out! There’s also The Sound of Your Heart Reboot which has a new cast.

Prison Playbook

Image Courtesy of Netflix

You might not expect a prison drama to be funny, but Prison Playbook is full of amusing jokes. The drama follows the lives of convicts and officers at correctional facilities. At the center is famous baseball star Kim Je-hyeok who gets convicted for assault after saving his sister from a sexual attack. There definitely are some more serious moments, but the dry humor will definitely have you chuckling.

She Was Pretty

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Maybe romance is more your speed? Then you can get lots of romance and comedy from She Was Pretty! Childhood sweethearts portrayed by Hwang Jung-eum and Park Seo-jun reunite after a complete reversal of fortune and looks. Comical situations ensue as Hwang Jung-eum tries to hide her identity due to embarrassment. Choi Si-won’s character provides a lot of laughs as well. Overall, the drama manages to charm and provide entertainment while also delivering a wholesome message. 

Check out all these feel-good shows and more on Netflix!

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