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As social distancing and lockdowns continue to be a part of our everyday lives, many of us are experiencing COVID fatigue. Thankfully, we have Netflix to provide much-needed entertainment that helps us momentarily escape the dreary reality of the pandemic. Check out some lighthearted shows that will lift your spirits.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol has its fair share of drama and sad events, but maintains an overall optimistic and cheerful vibe. This is mostly due to our protagonist Gu Ra-ra (Go A-ra)’s sunny disposition. Though she’s down on her luck, she remains positive and exudes a feel-good vibe. Her life gets turned upside down, but she meets Sunwoo Jun (Lee Jae-wook) and other friends in a new town. Even when life throws us unexpected hurdles, there can be a silver lining. 

She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty is a cute romantic comedy full of scenes that will definitely make you smile. Childhood sweethearts Kim Hye-jin (Hwang Jung-eum) and Ji Sung-joon (Park Seo-jun) are reunited after 15 years, but their fortunes and looks have reversed. Embarrassed about her appearance and circumstances, Hye-jin tries to hide her identity from Sung-joon. In the process of Hye-jin overcoming her shame, there are many funny and touching moments that’ll warm your heart.

Beautiful Gong Shim

Beautiful Gong Shim also features an “ugly duckling” type of situation where Gong Shim (Bang Min-ah) is considered inferior to her prettier, more successful sister Gong Mi (Seo Hyo-rim). She struggles while people continue to underestimate her, but she has her own goals and dreams. Upon meeting pro bono lawyer Ahn Dan-tae (Namkoong Min), hilarious hijinks ensue as both of them discover more about themselves as well. The lovable, dorky leads will provide you with a lot of humor to enjoy amidst the tough situations they deal with.

Strong Girl Bong-soon

Strong Girl Bong-soon has an adorable main character in Bong-soon (Park Bo-young) who possesses superhuman strength. She starts working as a bodyguard for Ahn Min-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik), the CEO of a gaming company. A love triangle entangling Bong-soon, her CEO boss, and her cop crush In Guk-doo (Ji Soo) ensues while they’re dealing with dangerous culprits. You’ll find yourself giggling because of the endearing characters, but definitely engaged due to the mystery. 

Welcome to Waikiki

Welcome to Waikiki shows a group of men and women running a guesthouse while pursuing their dream jobs. They all have different goals, but endure difficulties and a lot of embarrassment. Their unfortunate situations are quite relatable and there’s laughter found in cringeworthy moments. Comedy is front and center in this series, but the show also tackles relevant issues. Look out for amusing costumes and special cameos. There’s more to enjoy with the second season Welcome to Waikiki 2 too!

Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince is a fun, lighthearted drama beloved by many fans. Androgynous Go Eun-chan (Yoon Eun-hye) gets mistaken for a man and is hired to work at a coffee shop with good-looking male employees. Employer Choi Han-kyul (Gong Yoo) grapples with developing unexpected feelings for Eun-chan whom he still believes is a man. The series manages to break some stereotypes about gender and love while remaining playful and entertaining.

Reply 1988

Reply 1988 is a wholesome series that’ll transport you to the 1980s and get you invested in the lives of five close-knit families. Deok-sun (Lee Hye-ri) and her group of guy friends enjoy youth while also experiencing various teenage growing pains. The tender feelings of first love and heartfelt family moments will leave you feeling nostalgic for the good old days. Laughter and tears will be a part of the heartwarming experience as you fall in love with the families.

Prison Playbook

Prison Playbook is a surprisingly funny drama given that it revolves around convicts in prison. We’re introduced to life behind bars through superstar baseball pitcher Kim Je-hyeok (Park Hae-soo) getting an unexpected prison sentence. Injustices and strife are a part of the prison world, but the funny and heartwarming camaraderie stands out. While they may be imprisoned and unable to experience life on the outside, the inmates grow and gain friendships in the process. 

Let’s Eat

Spending more time indoors these days might mean fewer things to enjoy for many of us. Thankfully, the joy of food remains! Experience delicious Korean food through Let’s Eat and Let’s Eat 2. Whether you want to eat vicariously through the characters or want to be inspired to try something new, this series about people who really love food will fit the bill. It’ll be extra relatable for those who have been social distancing since many of the characters enjoy yummy dishes on their own. 

The Sound of Your Heart

Your family might be driving you crazy as a result of spending more time at home. Or you could be missing them if you live apart from them. Either way, The Sound of Your Heart will provide you with some comfort. Web cartoonist Cho Seok (Lee Kwang-soo), his offbeat family, and his cute girlfriend provide comedic relief with their ridiculous lives. This short and goofy series will definitely cheer you up.

Which of these shows are you interested in checking out? You can catch them all on Netflix.

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